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Car lifts are vital tools for any kind of machine service center, garage, and even a car shop. The popularity of cars has never been reduced but slowly continues to grow. That’s why such a tool would be an excellent asset for both commercial and noncommercial utilization. A basic goal of such piece of equipment is to make it easier to deal with regular maintenance and fixing issues most comfortably.

Although you might consider that car lifts are designed specifically for professional use, there are many people who have decent mechanic skills and passion for cars. The piece of equipment assists in keeping the car in a decent condition. Fortunately, the market introduces an abundance of options which differentiate in control types, size and exploitation purpose. Here you will find the information on the majority of car lift types and their peculiarities together with tips for selection and the reviews of the most popular models which are available for online purchase. 

Why Consider the Idea of Purchasing a Car Lift

A vehicle lift is not a bottle of milk that can be easily purchased in a local supermarket. Let’s be frank, it’s the item that can be and possibly will be expensive. However, if you consider it a potential investment, the tool will bring you multiple benefits which will make the work with the car easier and more comfortable.

  • The piece of equipment guarantees safe work. Perhaps this is the most fundamental reason why people purchase the item. If you need to perform some actions under the bottom of the car, you need to feel that the car will not fall and that everything will be clearly visible for the most comfortable work. A decent car lift will grant you an opportunity to work with the car in the most comfortable manner and with the highest level of safety.  
  • It can increase the space in the garage in two times. The vehicle lift can serve as a superb space saver. There are special solutions which allow parking of two cars by means of effective utilization of empty space above. One car will be on top and another below. For service centers the lift helps to fit more vehicles and process more orders simultaneously, thus receiving more profit.
  • The machine lift performs protective functions for a car.  For car owners who dwell in the regions which constantly suffer from rains and floods, the lift can protect the bottoms of the cars from corrosion that will be caused by the impact of water. The storage of the car at elevation will greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and spare details, especially during winters and rainy seasons.

What to Check before Actual Buying of the Car Lift

Before you decide to buy the machine lift, you need to check some information that will prove to you how reliable the potential purchase would be. Here’s a simple list to consult with. We’ve prepared it to prevent any issues when buying a nice car lift. 

  • Concentrate on the items with an abundance of information. The items which lack the information and description can hardly be called reliable tools. Concentrate on searching the items with the fullest information on parameters, prices, and certificates of quality. The models with videos are also strongly preferred. 
  • Check out the data about the real manufacturer. Nowadays a brand label doesn’t mean anything. The registration of a factory that is what important. Even the most popular brands can have a factory at the edge of the world. Do not run for “exclusive suppliers” as the factory can make the same models but with different labels.  
  • Consider the organization’s reputation. If you are selecting a particular manufacturer, it is strongly advisable to read the reviews on the company from various sources. Compare the feedbacks of numerous customers and decide for yourself if the company is reliable and if it offers the goods of the most appropriate quality. 
  • ALI seal is the red button to press. Automotive Lift Institute seal is the thing that should attract your attention most. The organization is one of the most renowned safety testers for vehicle lifts. The company deals with independent laboratories to check the items for ergonomics, durability, and quality of the materials. The inspectors regularly perform the tests of new models, so their certificates are always up to date.  
  • The existence of adequate customer support. Most of the services which offer you some goods are amazingly sweet and polite when they want you to buy their goods, but when the time for support assistance comes, it’s easier to learn how to fix it with the help of YouTube than receive a proper consultation. If you found some attractive company, take a shot of giving them a simple test to check the knowledgeability of the customer support and the presence of spare parts. 
  • Write down the features you wish the item to have. Let’s be honest – why on earth should you pay for an item that will lack the desired features? Determine for yourself and better make a list of all the required features you want to have in your piece of equipment. What type of lift you want? Do you want it to be portable or not? What is the weight limit of the item and many others?  All these questions matter and shouldn’t be ignored.

The Criteria of the Best Vehicle Lift for a Private Garage 

After reviewing the types of car lifts which are available in the market, you might find some difficulties with selecting the most suitable model for your premise. To avoid disappointment, read below vital points to consider while selecting the model for your personal needs. Pay attention to them, and you will find the most suitable car lift.

  • Durability goes first. While looking through the available options, it is advisable to pay attention to the material the car lift is made of. Kindly note that all the models should have available certificates of quality and durability. In most cases, a special heavy duty steel alloy is used for such equipment as it can withstand the heavy weight of cars. 
  • Select the items with the longest warranty provided. Warranty will be your insurance against defects of any type. In most cases, during the warranty period, the manufacturer guarantees a free repair and might even provide you with the details for replacing in case of a defect. Browse for the fullest warranty options as in such cases the company is confident of the quality of their goods. 
  • Be sure of the size. While selecting the lift, size is probably one of the most decisive factors to consider. You should know the parameters of your garage so that you could select the model that would fit it perfectly. Look through various models and types of cars to prevent the loss of space due to the specification of the equipment’s construction. 
  • Decide on the capacity. Not all the lifts are made similar. Each of them has a specific weight capacity – the limit which they can lift without issues. While knowing an approximate weight of your vehicle, you can easily select the model that will be most applicable for your particular case. Basically speaking – bigger transport requires a bigger piece of equipment.
  • Check if the model is user-friendly. If you are purchasing a model, you hope it to be simple in installation and easy in operation. Browse video reviews to better understand the peculiarities of the model you’re planning to purchase and check out how easy it will be operated.
  • Select the models which provide stability. Check the foundation of the model and see what ensures the stability of the car. There could be straps, mechanical holders and even simple metal borders. The construction should not be shaky as you definitely don’t want the car to fall on you. It is advisable to select the models with rubber base or the options which allow screwing of the equipment straight into the floor thus guaranteeing the stability. 
  • Adjustable options are preferable. The versatility of the lift is a possibility to adjust the equipment for a specific type of car. Check out if you can adjust the width and height and how easy the process of adjustment is. It is a vital point because you wouldn’t like to buy another piece of equipment if it doesn’t match a newly purchased vehicle. 
  • Get information on the speed of operation. The speed of the lift operation is proof of the machine’s motor quality. If the vehicle lift performs the necessary operations within a minute or so, it means that the engine is powerful enough. If it takes more than three minutes, it means that the model is equipped with a weaker motor.

Vehicle Lift Tips for Extending the Time of Service

A decent model of a car lift will surely assist you a lot in the garage. However, all types of a material face wearing and only proper care of the equipment can greatly extend the term of item’s service. Continue reading and find some simple tips regarding dealing with the item so that it was your loyal helper for many decades.

  • Organize the place for the lift to avoid the obstacles and potential damage. In large garages, it is advisable to place the item either closer to the wall or at the spot where the car can be easily accessed without risks to ram into it.
  • Regular maintenance and oil renewal is a must. It will be an excellent preemptive measure as you will notice a problem before it can cause some serious damage to the equipment. Moreover, the wearing of well-lubricated parts is lower than of the details which lack a portion of oil.
  • Avoid using the lift with the cars which exceed the carrying capacity of the lift. It is not only a service care tip but also safety advice as the material has its limits and you don’t want it to collapse one day.
  • Consider the flooring where the lift will be located. It should be equally durable to withstand the weight of the construction and a car on it. Some rubber coating is advisable as it will protect the concrete floor from getting damaged.
  • In case of hearing some suspicious sound that was never heard before, cease using the lift immediately and perform maintenance to detect a possible flaw in the construction.
  • Carefully follow the instructions which were issued by the manufacturer and do not break the prescribed guidelines as it was written by those who created the piece of equipment and know all the peculiarities of the items.

The Typology of Vehicle Lifts and Their Peculiarities

The market offers an abundance of car lifts types. You can differentiate two basic categories of the car lifts according to the ways they interact with your car make – there are wheel and frame interacting types of car lifts. Each of the types can be split into two- and four-post models with several less popular models which are applied for both commercial and non-commercial use. Below you will find a brief review of the models which can be effortlessly ordered online and you will find the application for the item in your garage.

  • Four-post car lifts

The models of the kind are the most preferable solutions for heavy weight lifting. Due to the peculiarity of the construction, the item can endure a greater extent of pressure thus being capable of lifting larger vehicles. The four-post lifts are considered the most ergonomic and user-friendly and are usually equipped with an abundance of features which provide a higher level of stability and safety such as extra supporter for the posts, built-in lubrication stations for regular oiling, noise mufflers to reduce the noise during operations, etc. 

Due to the specification of the construction and the amount of materials needed for the creation the models of the type tend to have a higher price tag though it is entirely worth its price due to multi-purpose functional spectrum.

  • Two-post car lifts

This is one of the most popular models which performs the lifting through the frame of the car. The models usually consist of two heavy-duty posts with extremely powerful stabilizers which guarantee the balance of the construction. The supporters lift the vehicle starting with the bottom. Although the weight limit for such models is lower than of the four-post models, it can still be helpful for dealing with many car models and is a perfect solution for a hobbyist car mechanic or for those people who have a small garage for work. The two-post solution costs cheaper and occupies less space in comparison with the previous type.

The model requires some extra attention and safety measure during the operation. Moreover, the posts are usually higher, and it may cause some installation issues while buying it for a standard garage.

  • Scissor car lifts 

This is a general name for three types of car lifts which operate based on the pumping accordion-like mechanism, and it is usually either portable or fixated to the ground using screws. The standard models are pantograph, parallelogram, and X types. Depending on the alloys and materials which are utilized for the equipment the weight capacity can also be different. In this aspect parallelogram lifting type solution has the highest endurance level. The type is neither frame not wheel based lift for cars. It can be placed in the category of bottom lifting tools. 

It is impossible to stand beneath the car, and you won’t be capable of stacking one car above another with this model. However, it is perfect for quick maintenance operations. This is one of the most preferable options for home use.

  • Portable car lifts

For people who lack space in their garages or workshops, this option would seem the most attractive solution. Basically, these are the models of the previously presented types, but they were miniaturized for saving space or so that it was possible to easily transport the piece of equipment. The models tend to have a smaller weight capacity, but still, it won’t be that great sacrifice as it can be easily transported.

  • Alignment car lifts

This is a specialized lift that was developed not only for the lifting of the vehicle but also for providing alignment services for large cars like buses or trucks. This option is more suitable for large garages with plenty of space due to the size of the construction. Any of the previously presented types can be designed for this specific utilization.   

  • Portable column lifts

There is a very simple concept – the more posts you have, the easier it will be to lift the car. The market offers separate lift posts which can be used for the creation of your personal vehicle lift station. There models which can be synchronized and remotely operated through the main terminal and even via mobile app. For large, heavy cars, you can install about eight posts and lift it effortlessly.  The columns are more an industrial type than for home use. Due to the size, the home garage will doubtfully find enough space for such a construction.

  • Parking lift

If you are the owner of the parking lot or of a private garage, you can significantly increase your profit without the necessity to buy a new area. The parking lifts allow to save space and place more cars on the same territory. The models are usually equipped with a platform instead of supporting forks for safety purposes. Some people with large garages purchase the item to store more of their cars. There are many types of parking lifts which any car owner or private garage owner can get for exploitation.

Top 10 Best Car Lift for Home Garage

The market introduces an abundance of solutions which were designed to lift the machines for either maintenance service or storage. Sometimes it is really problematic to find the solution that will perfectly match the place of installation. Go on reading to find models which were tested and are recognized by the users throughout the world.

QuickJack 5175376 BL-5000SLX Car Lift

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This model is one of the most suitable options for the installation in the house garage. Due to heavy-duty construction and the portability of the equipment, the price seems somewhat higher than of the similar class models, but the quality is definitely worth it.  

It boasts with a specially reinforced frame that is supported with a set of extra locks which grant reliability. With such a construction the maintenance works beneath the car will run faster and without serious efforts. The size of the lift frame allows working with various cars.


  • Extra reinforced construction;
  • Usability with numerous cars;
  • User-friendly means of operation.


  • Relatively high prices;
  • With the flow of time, there might be an issue with cylinder movement.

Triumph NS S-8 4-post Storage Service Lift

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The introduced model is a real triumph when it comes to dealing with heavy cars. The model endures easily over eight thousand pounds while occupying a relatively small area. The construction of the lift is not too heavy so that it was easy to transport the item around the garage easily. The special rollers contribute to the portability as well. 

The model is characterized with some extra ergonomic features which make it extra attractive for purchase. A powerful motor ensures a high speed of work that will definitely leave you pleased. The company has been providing regular tests to develop a fine structure that will be a decent combo of price and quality.


  • The model has high weight lifting capacity;
  • The warranty works well;
  • The model is made of top-grade steel.


  • The instruction could have been more detailed;
  • The screws have a high rate of wearing at regular usage.

Triumph NT-9 Two-Post Floor-Plate Lift

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Another model with a spectacular lifting capability and excellent portability will surely find a spot in any mechanic kingdom. Regardless of a two-post construction, the model offers a decent stability level while the locks prevent the risks of accidents during the work.

All the parts of the construction are introduced in high-grade steel, and this feature grants the model an upper hand in comparison with other models.

The lifting height is comfortable enough for most people to work under the vehicle. The tools are shipped with the engines of various capacity resulting in various speed levels. Also, the flexibility of the lifting hands increases an overall versatility grade of the model.


  • Increased versatility thanks to the adjustment feature;
  • The model is entirely made of steel;
  • The lift has a high lifting capacity.


  • The quality of the locks could be better;
  • No manual is added.

BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

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This scissor construction lift is characterized by a high level of compatibility and light construction. As a result, the lifting capability was reduced to only five thousand pounds. In most cases, the model is advised for light cars. The electric engine guarantees a smooth movement of the construction without any annoying noise produced. The lifting time of the model is about forty-five seconds, and that is a good number for such type of lifts.

The model is simple in mastering and offers a unique safety lock that can be placed wherever you need to gain an optimal height. The base of the tool is extra reinforced to guarantee stability and safety during utilization.


  • Extra stability;
  • Unique extension for trucks is a free bonus in the packet;
  • Multi-position lock guarantees versatility.


  • The model has a height limit; 
  • The weight capacity could have been higher.

BendPak XPR-10A Asymmetric Lift

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This is a real strongman in terms of weight lifting. With a 10k pounds weight lifting capacity, this model is a real giant in the vehicle lifting industry. The expandable top beam allows adapting the tool for the cars of various width.

With the increased level of lifting the model allows raising the cars for comfort standing operations performing. The model allows both symmetric and asymmetric loading thanks to an exclusive patented technology. 


  • The construction can deal with very heavy vehicles;
  • The versatility of the product deserves praise;
  • It does not require extra skills for control.


  • The model is rather pricey;
  • The construction is weighty and lacks portability.

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This tool combines both portability and weight capacity. The model is limited by only six thousand pounds, and that would be enough for dealing with the majority of the makes which are offered by the market. The model has a special lock system that reacts on every movement of the item thus guaranteeing a superior level of safety.

The lift height is enough for another standard car to fit in. The hydraulic construction of the lift is designed to provide you with many years of loyal service. It is an excellent acquisition for both professional maintenance stations and private garages where people want to stack several cars.


  • Tiny, yet durable design;
  • The motor runs smoothly and almost noiselessly;
  • The lock system prevents any risks of harm.


  • The model’s height will not allow a high vehicle to go under it.
  • The construction needs a precise first-time adjustment.

BendPak HDS-14X Car Lift

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Here we have another powerful weight lifter with a capacity that is really stunning – 14k pounds. The model is very easy in utilization and introduces a specialized lubricating system that reduces friction providing a longer term of services. Each post has a balancing system that prevents swaying and provides the owner with better stability.

The lifting height allows a tall person to stand freely beneath the vehicle performing the manipulations needed to fix the car. A safety mechanism always lowers the vehicle smoothly eliminating the fear of getting crushed by a pile of metal.


  • A unique safety mechanism lowers the car in a nice voiceless manner;
  • Any type of car can be lifted with this tool;
  • It is comfortable for tall men.


  • The model lacks informative instruction; 
  • It’s more for professional use.

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 Car Lift

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Those car owners who want to use the space in their garages more effectively will definitely like this type of vehicle lift. It is capable of dealing with the majority of car types with a weight limit of eight thousand pounds. The tool is equipped with special safety lock which will work even when the power is down.

The parking car lift goes with a potent and productive engine. In can be used with a small truck. The model has a unique anti slippery covering that will prevent the car from slipping down. Finally, it is shipped with extra goodies like drip trays, jack trays, etc.


  • The model is made of well-forged steel for a longer term of usage;
  • The list is perfect for high cars;
  • The safety locks do not depend on electricity.


  • The model is not a portable solution;
  • The construction has a high price.

Atlas LR-06P 6,000lb Portable Low Rise Scissor Lift

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This car lift option is an attractive scissor solution that has six thousand pounds capacity that would be more than enough for most vehicles types. There are three safety locks depending on the height of the equipment. Such construction guarantees a higher level of stability and utilization of comfort. The extendable horizontal ramp grants more options for setting the car. The rubber coating of the lifting blocks allows avoiding the scratches and damage during the service.

The model tends to be slightly cheaper than other options in the market, but it does not sacrifice neither the quality nor the efficiency during the operations.


  • Excellent price in comparison with other models;
  • Performs various lifting operations;
  • Rubber coating prevents damage;


  • It has limited locking functions.

Atlas MR-06 6,000lb Portable Mid-Rise Lift

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This model is a piece of special lifting equipment that was crafted for commercial use though it can find application in a garage of some auto hobbyist. The tool grants superb lifting opportunities while preserving a small size. The model has a standard six thousand pounds lifting capacity, and for most vehicles, such limits would be enough. 

Due to the simplicity of the construction, it is fast and easy in manipulation. For those companies who offer dispatch services a portable maintenance tool like this will greatly help as it can be carried around in a truck or trunk of a car.


  • Easy in operation;
  • Provides the height that is enough for effective maintenance services;
  • Introduces reliable air stabilizers.


  • The model is relatively new and needs further testing on the term of exploitation. 

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