Parts for Home Garage

Maintenance is an essential part of your vehicle, a well maintained vehicle will never deceive you on / off the road. Now repairing cars at service stations is very expensive and motorists repair their cars themselves. To repair a car in your home garage, you need a lot of tools. On our site you can find all the necessary tools for your home garage.

Home garage ideas

When your car is parked in the garage, it's easy to service it at any time of year. For example, pour water into the windshield washer tank, check the oil level, add coolant, vacuum the interior or wash the car outside. In winter, in the frost, such procedures are not quite comfortable to do if the car is under a shed or just stands around the house. In addition, in the winter time there is no need to warm up the engine for a long time before driving out. The garage is also convenient because you have a place to store rubber and tools, consumables and other car accessories. By locking your car in the garage, you provide an increased level of security of the vehicle in case of unauthorized access of unauthorized persons to your property. Thus, you effectively protect your car from theft by intruders.

Cool home garage near the house

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If you have a modern and stylish home, chances are you also want a garage that is just as stylish and spacious. A garage of this design is a great option for those who don't want to build a detached building somewhere in their backyard. Such a garage is designed as an addition to the house, which is very convenient and looks good, as well as you can get into the garage right from your house, which is also very cool, because you do not need to go anywhere to take your car. The main advantage of this garage is that it doesn't take up a lot of space on the property and doesn't look like an extra building because it is essentially one piece with your house.

A Home garage right in your house

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This is probably the most interesting option for a garage that is right in your house, no exaggeration. It is incredibly convenient and immediately throws away all questions about where to build a garage, where to put the car, whether you need an additional building, and, accordingly, the costs. In the planning of the house should just include this room in the house in such a way that was, firstly, free access to it, both from the street and directly from the house. Secondly, you can do the same glass wall, as shown in the photo, it looks very stylish, unusual, modern, and also your car will be at your sight all the time. And this, by the way, will help to diversify the interior perfectly, and your car will be an excellent decoration of your home.

Stylish home garage with a comfortable work area

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A bright and spacious garage with a comfortable work area is the dream of every car enthusiast, isn't it? Very often people have cluttered garages with unnecessary things and everything else, which has no place in the apartment or house, such a garage is very convenient and spacious, because it is divided into zones: a zone for parking the car and a working area. The working zone includes the strongest and most comfortable corner, it is something like kitchen furniture, because it also includes drawers, cabinets and directly the work surface. In this zone you can carry out some small repairs, store tools and inventory in lockers and on shelves, conveniently arranging and organizing them. Therefore, such a garage is very convenient and spacious.

Home Garage with a personal gym

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This version of the garage with a sports corner is ideal for sports enthusiasts, because at any time you can come to your garage, which has all the necessary equipment for a full workout. This garage is also divided into zones: an area for parking and an area for exercising. Spacious garage will be a great place to store your vehicle, and you can arrange in it or a zone for sports, or a work zone, or adapt some area for storing some things or tools.

Garage space under the house

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A garage under the house is a great space-saving option. It's essentially like a basement, except it has a car entrance and stairs that lead into the house, which is also very convenient-you can go to your car without going outside. This garage is very stylish and modern, with wooden elements that always look good in the interior, especially in the garage room. And also, this garage is equipped with great lighting, which allows you to be comfortable in this room, but this garage essentially serves more as just a parking space for the car, not for any repairs or maintenance of the automobile.

The Stylish Black Garage

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This black mega stylish garage for your car will not only become a great parking space, but also chic decorate your yard with its stylish and modern look. This garage is also very spacious and can become a location for storing not only your car, but also a motorcycle, bicycles, and you can even equip a working area with tools and all the necessary equipment. In such a garage, you can even equip a zone for rest and hang a TV on the wall, for example. For a person with good taste, as well as for a car enthusiast, this garage will be just an ideal option for a parking space for the vehicle.

A bright spacious home garage

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A bright spacious garage room is a great option for car enthusiasts because it has everything you need for comfort and convenience. A working area with plenty of drawers, lockers, shelves for storing tools, will allow small repairs on the work surface, and a large light room can accommodate not only the car, but also other vehicles. And the walls allow you to place additional organizers to store and organize inventory or tools, or arrange a small gym area if you love sports and everything associated therewith.

Home garage with recreation area

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This garage looks as cozy and homey as possible due to this light and stylish renovation. This garage room will be not just a place to park your car, but also a great place to relax with a couch, a TV and a small coffee table. Here you can spend your time both relaxing and doing some repair work or maintenance on your car. This garage even has a table, shelves and cabinets, that is, in fact, it is a full-fledged living room in which you can spend your free time.

Household Laundry Garage

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If you have a large room in your home that you want to convert to a garage, but also want to have a laundry room-can do both in one room. It's perfect for car parking and extra space, with lots of cabinets, washers, drawers, and an organizer on the wall to put gardening supplies and tools, which is also very convenient and compact. This room has plenty of room for both car parking and comfortable access to the laundry area and the walls allow you to place additional organizers for storing and organizing equipment or tools, or arrange a small gym, if you like sports and everything associated with it.

Black Home Garage with Tools

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A home stylish black garage looks great and serves as a great place and shelter to park your car. Black painted walls, white floor and ceiling can rarely, ever be associated with a garage space, but why not. This garage is very stylish trendy and modern. Everyone is used to seeing old garages with no repairs or just small brick buildings with one car standing around and lots of cardboard boxes piled high with unwanted stuff or junk. But in this garage there are a huge number of organizers, shelves, tables, cabinets, which allows you to competently arrange all the tools and all the contents of the garage to create a clean and neat space without junk and unnecessary things. Organizers very often save any room from clutter, be it shelves, hooks, drawers, containers and so on.