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Outdoor garage ideas

Often when you live in or buy a private home, the question arises: where to put your car and which garage is best. If you have a car and you are wondering what kind of garage to make and which option would be better, there are many different garage options for you, both conventional, standard garage enclosed spaces, and new modern outdoor outdoor garages. Undoubtedly, this type of garage has its advantages as well as its disadvantages, but that's not the point right now. We have prepared for you some great options for outdoor garages that are as beautiful, stylish and easy to use as possible.

Stylish garage with wood slats

Credit: Pinterest

Just look at this perfect outdoor garage option that will fit in perfectly with the style of your yard, as well as being a great place to park your car in the backyard. If you want your car to park in a secure yet beautiful and stylish garage, while not wanting to build a standard enclosed brick garage, then we suggest you consider this option of an outdoor stylish and modern garage that has walls made of wooden slats and a canopy made of durable and quality materials.

Metal outdoor garage

Credit: Pinterest

Dark gray metal garage will not only look solid and emphasize all the advantages of your home, but also will serve as an excellent shelter for your car from rain, birds and everything else. Due to the fact that this garage is made of durable and long-lasting materials, this outdoor garage option will serve for many years and protect your car from external influences. You can also decorate such a garage by planting plants next to it that curl, this way you will add greenery and dilute this gray color with bright colors.

Wooden outdoor garage

Credit: Pinterest

Such an imposing car gazebo will be a great option for an outdoor garage that will fit perfectly into the landscape of your backyard. This garage can be made even with your own hands, and of the size that you need: for one car or for several cars. In addition, this garage is made of inexpensive materials such as wood and some iron, and since these materials are quite affordable, such a garage can afford everyone.

Fully Open Air Garage

Credit: Pinterest

This option is not even more of a garage, but an awning for your car because it consists only of a roof and posts that hold this roof up, and if you don't want a regular garage or you already have a brick garage, this is a great type of additional parking space for your car in your backyard. What's more, such an outdoor garage is great for serving as a pergola or carport under which you can put a table and chairs and have evening gatherings.

Large wooden garage

Credit: Pinterest

A large wooden garage is suitable for owners of several cars, or a car and a motorcycle, which can be parked there in warm or slightly cool weather. Since it is not desirable for the car to be outside in winter, it is better to take care of an enclosed garage for it, so that in winter the paint of the car does not deteriorate and it itself does not freeze and break. In addition, such a garage can also be an excellent substitute for a gazebo in the backyard, that is, you can solve two issues at once: where to sit on a hot summer day and where to put the car.

Wooden canopy

Credit: Pinterest

If you want to not burden the design and appearance of your backyard, we advise you to consider this option for a parking space for the car in the yard. So if not a garage, you still need to have some special place for the car in the backyard, and this shed-garage will fit perfectly and will not interfere, and take away space from your backyard. And it, by the way, can also be used as a canopy not only for cars, but also for bicycles or motorcycles. And it is also possible to build this canopy on their own, from wooden boards and planks, which is very economical.

Open polycarbonate garage

Credit: Pinterest

These outdoor polycarbonate carports are modern and stylish options for a parking space for your car in your backyard. And also, such an awning is a very durable and durable shelter for your car from rain, snow and birds that like to leave their marks on cars. Such sheds are made to order and any size you need and fit your backyard, or you can put it in the main yard or make it as an addition to the house, to which you can make an extra exit from your house.

Modern Wooden Garage

Credit: Pinterest

This format of outdoor backyard garage is very stylish, and at the same time costly, but if you want a stylish and modern extension to park your car there, pay your attention to this particular option. In fact, this garage gazebo is a great option for parking space for your car, for example, in a country house, if there is limited backyard space, but the car needs to be put somewhere. And because it's made of wood, it looks modern and minimalist, as for a garage, which involves a large brick building to store, usually, some stuff, and, directly, the car.

An outdoor garage under the house

Credit: Pinterest

Outdoor garage of this plan, first of all, takes up little space and does not require additional space in your backyard, as well as being very convenient and ventilated. Secondly, such garages are now very popular and modern, and also, you can enter it from the house, that is, you do not need to go anywhere to take the car and go, and just go out of the house, get in the car and drive. But the problem is that such a garage must be included in the layout of the house, because just do not build it.

Garage-attached to the house

Credit: Pinterest

The garage outbuilding at the entrance of the house is a great ventilated garage option for your car, and it's also very stylish and trendy. And it is ventilated precisely because, firstly, the outbuilding has metal gates that have lots of openings, while they look cool and stylish, and secondly, this outbuilding has thin walls that have windows, which also allow for excellent ventilation of the room. So, in fact, this garage can be attached either at the main entrance or in the backyard, this issue only depends on the wishes or the amount of space available for the garage.

Garage in the backyard with stones

Credit: Pinterest

This garage looks just incredible due to its unusual elements, a great option for those who have a lot of space in their backyard and want an unusual outdoor car garage. This garage is made in a very unusual format, as such grid walls and stones inside that alternate with panels that can be made of either metal or wood. This is a very stylish and unusual version of a backyard garage that not only looks great, but also serves perfectly as a garage for your car.

Ventilated brick garage

Credit: Pinterest

Just look at this unusual, but seemingly so simple option for a backyard car garage that you can even build yourself. If you have a brick house, no matter what kind of brick it's built with, you can use the same material to make a backyard carport addition, or you can make it out of leftover bricks from building the house. Despite the fact that the materials from which the garage is made are absolutely simple, this construction looks very beautiful and stylish.

A simple outdoor garage extension

Credit: Pinterest

Thanks to such an outbuilding your car will always be securely closed from the rain, and a modern automated door ensures the safety of your car and decorates this outbuilding. This version of the garage is very convenient and organic, as well as made of inexpensive materials, but it looks good and will serve you and your car for many years.

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