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We will help you find furniture and parts for your home garage. You can customize your garage however you see fit. Garage shelving helps you organize the functionality of your home garage. We will help you find furniture and parts for your home garage. You can customize your garage however you see fit. garage shelving helps you organize the functionality of your home garage.

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Garage Shelving ideas

In order for the car to enter and exit the garage quietly, without encountering unexpected obstacles, not to stumble and avoid unnecessary cluttering of space in the garage often use convenient, very roomy and versatile storage systems, they are called racks. If you want to organize space and make everything compact and neat, you can consider installing shelving units in your garage. They can be either horizontal or vertical. You can put all the things that are stored there in them, with each thing or tool being easily and conveniently accessible.

#1 A simple wooden shelving unit

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A great option for organizing space in any room are racks, you can make them yourself, or you can buy ready-made. As a rule, racks for the garage are made of wood or metal, in this case a rack made of wood is presented, and its addition is plastic capacious containers. With this rack with drawers, you can conveniently and compactly arrange tools and generally everything you store in the garage.

#2 Large wooden shelving unit for the garage

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This wooden shelving unit is suitable for a large garage room that stores everything you can. Moreover, this version of shelving includes not only shelves, but also a table, a wall organizer and of course a large number of roomy shelves, which can also accommodate drawers or containers with everything you need. And on the wall organizer is placed a large number of hooks, as well as small shelves on which you can place some tools, wrenches, screws, bolts and so on.

#3 Gray shelving unit with cabinet

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The gray shelving unit with cabinet is also made of wood, only it looks very stylish and neat due to the coating. If you paint and then also varnish a simple wooden shelving unit on top, it will also look good. Despite such a neat appearance, this version of shelving for the garage is no less roomy than all the others, and thanks to the fact that this option is also present in the closet, it makes the organization of the space more neat and closed. After all, in the cabinet you can place various cases, drawers or containers, or make simple wooden shelves and put everything on them.

#4 Shelving for the garage made of boards

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As you can see, the organization of space in the garage can be not only convenient and compact, but also beautiful and stylish, thus decorating the garage room. After all, if you install the simplest shelving unit made of wooden boards, and put containers or boxes of the same color or in the same color scheme on the shelves, you can stylishly organize the space, placing everything you need there, and improve the appearance of your garage. You can even make such a rack yourself and it will not be difficult at all, and you can make it exactly to the size of your garage.

#5 Metal shelving unit for your garage

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This shelving option is very convenient and reliable, because the metal shelves can withstand even the heaviest tools and equipment, and due to the stylish and monochrome appearance, this way of organization will not visually clutter up the interior. On such shelving can also be conveniently arranged drawers or organizers with tools, spare parts for the car or some other things that need to be quickly and easily accessible. Due to the fact: this shelving unit is made up of separate parts, it will be easy to assemble and you can adjust its size and height.

#6 Light wooden shelving unit

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Wooden shelving unit made of light wood will not only look great in your garage, but also a great help to organize the space, which is always scarce, especially in the garage. With this rack you can distribute all the things that are in your garage as compactly and conveniently as possible, so your car can easily enter and exit without difficulty and not to run over any boxes or tools, and you can at any time find the thing you need, while not raking through a mountain of boxes.

#7 Gray minimalist shelving

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This shelving unit will fit and decorate your garage perfectly with its minimalist design and trendy gray color, and will hold everything you need and everything you need to put somewhere, but putting all the tools and parts in boxes is very inconvenient. Because every time you need to get something, you have to rake through a bunch of cardboard boxes and look for it, which takes a lot of time and nerve. And when you have such a convenient and stylish modern shelving unit in your garage, you can lay everything out and not spend a lot of time searching for something.

#8 Black garage shelving

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Such a stylish and fashionable rack will be an inconspicuous storage for all your tools, spare parts and everything else. In addition, you can store all the tools to take care of your garden in such racks, and with such a rack your rakes, shovels, brooms, garden shears, flower pots and everything else will be conveniently and compactly located on shelves, in drawers and on hooks. It turns out, when you want to grab a shovel to plant beautiful new flowers in the garden, you won't need to kick the car out of the garage to get to the right equipment, and it will be located on a stylish shelving unit.

#9 Hanging shelves for the garage

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If you don't have a lot of space in your garage and have nowhere to put your tools or things you need, these hanging shelves are the perfect solution, because they don't really take up much space because they're under the ceiling. Usually this space in garages is not used in any way, so putting shelves there to organize your space is a great idea. This way you add more storage space without taking it away from where your car is. You can even make such shelves with your own hands, thereby adjusting their size and width, and you can hang them at any height.

#10 Organizer wall in the garage

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Such a fashionable and modern wall-organizer will help to compactly and neatly arrange some sports equipment, garden tools, some keys or household tools. This shelving unit looks very neat and discreet, while it can hold a huge number of different things, freeing up a huge amount of free space. With this rack, you will perfectly organize the space in your garage, with all things being freely accessible, and there will be no need to store all these things in a separate pantry, and the car will not be cluttered with all the inventory.

#11 Racks on the ceiling

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This ceiling-mounted shelving option is perfect for those who only have enough space in their garage for their car. Thanks to such shelves, which are attached to the ceiling with reliable fasteners, you can perfectly organize the empty space above your car, which in fact is not used in any way, and with such shelves, on which drawers are put, the free space will be maximally used for storage of those or other things.

#12 Small compact shelving units

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The base of this shelving unit is made of metal, which makes it very strong and stable, and the shelves, which are made of wood, can hold many drawers and containers. And due to the fact that this shelving unit can be moved around, you can make or buy several of these and put together a complete large shelving unit to organize the space in your garage. To be sure, that the rack with all its contents will not fall down, you can attach it to the wall, using special fasteners, and also such a rack can be made even with your own hands.

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